What Is Krav Maga Force?


Krav Maga Force™ is a modern self-defense system designed to address and defend against present day street assaults and confrontations. It also aims to answer the need for a practical and simple way of self-defense, particularly for security and law enforcement forces, as well as for citizens wanting to learn fast and practical self-defense skills against any type of assaults.

It is a simple, realistic, easy to learn, and an extremely efficient self-defense system. The system is based upon realistic responses to assaults and aims to help the practitioner to properly react and respond to threats and learn how to disengage from the situation, or leave the scene as fast as possible, or place him/herself to be in a position of advantage against the attacker.

The core foundation of Krav Maga Force is based upon the military and Krav Maga experience of its founders. The Krav Maga Force curriculum was developed, collaboratively, by a group of instructors from different Krav Maga organizations and world-wide recognized self-defense systems.

Why Krav Maga Force? Because NO POLITICS in Krav Maga Force!